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Psilocybin Medicine ​

Roadman Investment Corp. ( TSXV: LITT or OTC: RMANF ) currently is the only Canadian stock pursuing the psilocybin medicine and $13B medicinal mushroom sectors. The company has a small $7.5M market cap and has the potential for explosive upside.

The firm’s most distinctive strengths are it’s first mover advantage and it’s connections to leading experts in the medicinal mushroom industry. The company plans to deploy over a million dollars into innovative private medicinal mushroom companies around the world.

Roadman gives investors the opportunity to have exposure to quality early and late stage private companies while they are still private.

Main considerations:

  • Exposure to emerging industries primed for geometric growth
  • Ability to generate alpha returns
  • Strong potential for accretive revenue and profitability
  • Evidence of potential dominance in market segment and/or geographic location
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Roadman Investments



Börse Frankfurt: 1QD.F

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There has been so much money made in Cannabis stocks and many investors made millions and unfortunately many missed the boat altogether. Industry experts see the next immense profit opportunity coming from medicinal mushrooms and this is the reason for Roadman’s focus on this space.

The growth of the Cannabis industry has been staggering and the investors who were early enough profited greatly – investing in medicinal mushrooms in 2019 is looking to generate returns similar to those if you invested in Cannabis 6-7 years ago…massive gains.

A New Billion Dollar Industry is Emerging

Several countries and many states are making big shifts in drug policy and research regarding the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms and many investors are excited about the upcoming wave of decriminalization akin to that of what we have seen in Cannabis. Psilocybin is currently legal in Brazil, Jamaica, Netherlands, Samoa and the cities of Oakland and Denver.

Roadman is investing capital in up and coming private companies that have full legal approvals and have the promise to be the pioneers of this new billion dollar industry.

Depression is a huge problem

One in six Americans takes some form of psychiatric drugs like antidepressants. It is estimated by the World Health Organization that there are over 300 million people worldwide dealing with this debilitating mental illness.

Global revenue for antidepressants is projected to grow to nearly $17 billion by 2020 and in the US alone treatment of this illness is projected to cost $150 billion. This huge number only includes direct medical costs such as therapy, drugs and hospitalizations and not the overall negative effects to society.


Alternative Treatments for Depression

The global Anti-Depressant market can be disrupted by chemicals found in mushrooms as treatments go mainstream.

The global Anti-Depressant market can be disrupted by chemicals found in mushrooms as treatments go mainstream.

A Psychedelic Renaissance Is Just Beginning

The number of researchers, universities, and other institutions conducting and publishing scientific studies on the healing powers of psilocybin is increasing daily. Michael Pollan’s book How To Change Your Mind has brought psychedelics, especially psilocybin, into mainstream consciousness.

Preliminary studies from institutions like Imperial College of London, University of Zurich, Johns Hopkins, NYU and UCLA, suggest that psilocybin-assisted therapy could be a revolutionary treatment for:

  • Addiction to Tobacco and Alcohol
  • Depression and Anxiety in cancer patients
  • General Depression

Benefits of Investing
in an Investment Firm

As an investor, you’ve likely heard of alternative investments – including hedge funds, private equity and high-yield bonds. These investments have unique characteristics and important diversification benefits, they can play an important role in helping investors weather and manage market volatility as well as get exposure to opportunities not available to the average investor.

Alternative investments are a natural way to diversify as they unlock a huge market with a low correlation with traditional asset classes. While traditional asset classes can be an effective source of diversification, this can be further enhanced with exposure to alternative investments.

Industry Experts and Advisors

Roadman is led by a team of experienced investors and is proactively engaging the most renowned leaders in this industry.

Kevin Matthews

Kevin Matthews, one of the leading medicinal mushrooms advocates has recently joined the company’s Advisory Board. Kevin championed the successful campaign to pass Initiative 301 which resulted in Denver, Colorado became the first US city to decriminalize psilocybin; the active psychoactive ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms. The passage of Initiative 301 has since fuelled national discourse on the potential health benefits of psilocybin.

Mr. Matthews is a leading psilocybin advocate and the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Society for Psychedelic Outreach, Reform, and Education (“SPORE”), an organization working to normalize and decriminalize the use of psilocybin and other psychedelic plants and fungi across the United States.

Kevin’s huge network in the alternative health space means access to the best medicinal mushroom companies in the world.

Anton Gomez-Escolar

Anton Gomez-Escolar is the company’s psychopharmacology expert that has a Masters in Psychopharmacology from Spain’s largest university Complutense University of Madrid, a certificate of Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials from John Hopkins School of Public Health and a Drug Use, Policy and Health certificate from the University of Geneva.

Mr. Escolar’s technical understanding of neurobiology, psychopharmacology, drug safety and clinical trial development will allow Roadman Investments to better evaluate potential investments in biotech firms as well as help the company provide advisory services to future investee’s or partners that need this expertise.

Champignon Brands
Strategic Investment and Advisory Services Agreement

Champignon Brands Inc. is a Canadian based company dedicated to promoting the cultivation and proliferation of high quality medicinal mushrooms and health supplements. The company is a member of the American Mushroom Institute and has functional tea beverages that incorporate organic teas with Cordyceps, Reishi and Lion’s mane mushroom extracts.

Roadman has invested $150,000 and the company’s executives have been assisting the branding and in the product development and commercialization of their proprietary medicinal mushroom infused teas.

The advisory agreement allows the company to:

  • Appoint a director
  • Inspect records and attend meetings
  • Right of first refusal in any future equity offerings at a price of $0.05 per share or higher

Nourish Force Supertea

Reishi Ryobus Tea Mix

Brain Enhance Supertea

Lions Mane Tropical Green Ginseng Tea Mix

Mighty Recharge Supertea

Cordycept Habiscus Blend with Berries Tea Mix

Advisory Services Agreement

AltMed is a Canadian alternative medicine business incubator, intellectual property (“IP”) aggregator and solutions provider; mandated with accelerating advancements in the alternative medicine arena. AltMed deploys its diverse network of corporate advisors, clinical practitioners, licensed pharmacists and legal counsel to provide:

  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”) for drug discovery;
  • Intellectual property formation, advancement and protection;
  • Regulatory advocacy and risk assessment;
  • Clinical trial process development;
  • Sourcing of Qualified Professionals; and
  • Laboratory Testing.

The company is currently focused on the development of cGMP production and formulation of bioactive compounds extracted from plants and fungi. AltMed aims to leverage it’s expertise, talent and partnerships to accelerate the pace at which psychedelic compounds are commercialized.

Roadman Investments has inked an initial advisory services agreement that permits them to provide advice for corporate actions, including reviewing potential transactions, assisting with alternative financing solutions, and facilitating introductions to strategic partners. Under the terms of the advisory agreement, AltMed will compensate the Company C$1,000 for every five-hour block of advisory services provided by the Company or its agents up to a maximum of $20,000 in any one month.


Our in-depth research and industry insiders have identified this as the most promising company in the medicinal mushroom space. This little known stock has the potential to become a dominant force in this fast growing industry.

The potential for monster gains is huge and it would be wise to build a position on the ground floor before medicinal mushroom industry grows into what it is going to be in a few short years.

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Roadman Investments



Börse Frankfurt: 1QD.F

Roadman Investor Presentation

Sign up for Roadman’s newsletter to download their presentation and learn more about what Roadman has to offer. The presentation includes information on:

Strategic Overview
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